Outdoor security sensors

security camera and beams

Our role in the security industry involves one aspect of the many types of security devices and mechanisms that are necessary to provide a layered and complete system of protection. Often what a home owner believes is quite a safe and fool proof set-up, can have flaws and be easy to overcome by an intruder. So we believe it is always important to be alert and aware of these, in order to be a step ahead of potential burglars.

Many South African home owners and business owners install security beams outside their property as an added security measure. While these beams can be effective, they are also now being targeted by thieves. The theft of security beams seems to be on the increase, but there are simple ways of reducing the risk of this problem occurring on your property.

Potential problems with security sensors

While these beams can definitely enhance security for your home or business, there are some aspects to watch out for.

Sometimes sensors are adjusted to not detect activity below a certain height, especially in homes with pets. This is so that dogs or other pets in the yard do not trigger the alarm unnecessarily. Criminals who are aware of this can use the “blind spot” area to their advantage and still find a way to get to the building undetected by keeping to lower levels.

A recent development is that many criminals have begun stealing the actual sensors in order to make it easier to break in and also to sell the sensors for extra money. According to the Fidelity ADT district manager for Pretoria there have been increased reports of outdoor beams being stolen or going missing. He explains that “criminals know that a lot of homeowners do not activate their outdoor beams when they are home. This makes them easy pickings.”

Security tips for outdoor beams

Keep the following in mind if you have security beams on your property:

  • If your beams are regularly triggered by something harmless like your pets, small animals or branches, check what the source is and do not get used to ignoring the alarm and assuming there is no problem.
  • Ensure that your outdoor beams and alarm are always armed, even when you are home. This will keep you safe at all times and also not give criminals a gap to steal the beams while they are switched off.
  • Also regularly test your alarm system and beams to check that they are working properly.
  • When a sensor/ beam gets stolen, report the incident to the police, so that they have a better picture of which areas are being targeted.

At the Claw Security we are always interested in knowing about the latest developments in the security industry and being aware of threats to our customers’ homes and business properties. Being informed and maintaining a layered security plan is the best way to stay safe. Feel free to talk to one of our consultants about how our security devices at The Claw can contribute to securing your property.