THE CLAW™ is a stylish and discrete trademarked window-frame lock that protects your home or business from silent intrusion.  Professionally fit and virtually invisible, this system is designed to be part of a layered security system.  Most aluminium frames allow the beading on the frame to be removed from the outside with a screwdriver so that the rubber gasket can be pulled out along with the glass.  This can happen under 25 seconds and while you are sleeping!  An increasing trend is for criminals to target homes that are occupied in order to ensure access to personal belongings like phones, wallets and other valuable items. 

THE CLAW™ is a specially designed and shaped stainless-steel retaining clip that is fitted into the corners of the aluminium frame, thereby securing the beading so that the glass cannot be silently removed.   THE CLAW™ is held in place by extra strong, high-tensile rivets and a strong bonding adhesive.  It is also coated to match your aluminium frames to ensure a stylish finish. 

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THE BLOCK is a security system that prevents potential thieves from breaking in by lifting the sliding door out of its track. This is a common method of breaking into houses or apartments that is so easy, even the wild Chacma baboon troops in the Western Cape have learned this technique of breaking into houses! THE BLOCK is made from high-security steel with a rust-proof all-weather coating - it is permanently and securely fitted to the floor or deck on the outside of the sliding door track, out of the way of foot traffic. Unlike track bolt type locks which you have to remember to lock to be effective, THE BLOCK is permanently in position protecting you and your family.


This piece of security equipment prevents potential thieves from forcing open aluminium window handles by forcing a screwdriver or blade into the gap between the window and the frame thereby pushing the handle up and forcing the window open. THE WIN-PIN is a strong security pin which is fitted through a hole in the window handle and into the frame, securing the handle in the locked position. It is attached to the handle via a lanyard so that the security pin hangs off the window handle when the pin is removed when the window is open, so it is easy to re-insert when the window is closed.


This nifty little piece of equipment prevents baboons or thieves from gaining access via open windows or doors by limiting the extent to which the window or door can open by means of an adjustable high strength latch fitted to the windows or doors. This means that you can still have your window or door open for ventilation or for access by small pets without compromising your security.

Did you know?

Did you know? When you install THE CLAW™ security products, you can save on your insurance premium!